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Transforming Smart Building Management with UMA

Revvo's design service has significantly enhanced UMA's smart building solutions, delivering a cohesive suite of web, tablet booking panel, and mobile applications. These integrated platforms empower facility managers with comprehensive tools for monitoring, energy management, and resource scheduling in one seamless experience.


UMA, a forward-thinking workplace technology platform, brings together tools such as Office365 and Google Workspace, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient resource management. Our involvement with UMA began with a thorough phase of discovery and exploration, laying the groundwork for the UI/UX design of their MVP mobile app, web app and, booking panel app. This foundation set the stage for our ongoing partnership in developing a web application geared toward smart building management, a testament to our sustained multi-year relationship and commitment to continuous design excellence.


The project was geared towards crafting a unified web application designed to equip facility managers with the tools to effortlessly supervise and coordinate spaces, devices, and resources within intelligent buildings. The goal was to ensure the web application mirrored the mobile and tablet app's key functionalities, facilitating a cohesive user experience across all devices, including a specialized booking panel for on-the-go management.


We employed design thinking principles, encompassing expansive and analytical approaches, to fulfill all crucial requirements. This iterative process of design, testing, and refinement at every phase culminated in an app that precisely catered to the demands of facility managers.

uma-mobile-app Revvo design

UMA Hybrid Working - Mobile Application Design

UMA mobile app Desk Card Revvo design
UMA Office mobile app people card Revvo design
UMA Office mobile app Revvo design
UMA Office mobile app Revvo design
booking-panel-available Revvo design

UMA Booking Panel Application Design

uma-floor-map Revvo design

UMA Hybrid Working - Web Application Design


Our goal was to create a web application that would:

  • Enable facility managers to monitor and control smart building spaces and devices in real-time.

  • Track and manage energy consumption.

  • Detect faults and support preventive maintenance.

  • Schedule and manage shared facilities.

  • Integrate smoothly with the building's IoT ecosystem.


Through targeted interviews and focus groups, we gathered valuable insights into the challenges faced by facility managers. The application we developed addressed these issues effectively, transforming the management of smart buildings.

This application has been adopted by noteworthy organizations, including the National Health Service (NHS) and the offices of Manchester United Football Club, testifying to its effectiveness and utility.

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