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Engineered for Innovation


Our Build Services

Revvo's Build services turn innovative ideas into tangible tech realities. We specialise in architecting and constructing MVPs and enterprise grade platforms that perfectly balance functionality with market needs and scales with your growth.

Minimum Viable Product

Transform your innovative idea into a market-ready working MVP that is fit for purpose. Our approach emphasises core features, ensuring a quick launch and ability to gather user or investor feedback.

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Custom development
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Custom software development

Custom Software Development

Tailor-made enterprise grade software solutions designed to meet your unique business challenges. Our team crafts reliable, scalable applications to drive your business objectives. Our engagement approach is flexible we can enhance your team expert resource or deliver an end-to-end in its own entity.

Mobile App Development

Bring your vision to the mobile marketplace with intuitive, user-friendly app designs. We can take a mobile-first approach and focus on standout functionality, whether it's iOS, Android or web applications we ensure a seamless user experience

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensuring excellence in every product, our robust QA processes guarantee reliability, security, and optimal performance, ready for market success. We offer a range of testing services from managed user acceptance testing (UAT) and compherensive penetration testing (PenTest).


Case Study

A Seamless Transition to Modern Mobile App Advertising

In partnership with BBC News, we navigated the complexities of upgrading their mobile app's advertising packages, achieving a smooth transition that maintained constant ad delivery and enhanced the user experience for their global audience.

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Why choose Revvo for your Build Projects?

Startup-Friendly Mindset

Revvo specialises in MVP development, adeptly addressing the challenges of emerging enterprises. We tailor our efficient solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring your vision is realized within budget and timeline constraints.

Global Delivery Model

Revvo offers innovative, cost-efficient solutions globally, backed by partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, and WordPress VIP. Our advanced communication tools empower remote teams to seamlessly deliver top-quality solutions, regardless of your location

Expertise in Lean & Agile Methodologies

Revvo combines Lean startup and agile methodologies efficiently identifying key features, rapidly iterate based on user feedback, and deliver products focused on customer satisfaction and business value.

Our Clients Say

Colin Rhodes
"Revvo's design expertise has transformed Neugo's remote work platform, setting new industry standards and profoundly enhancing user experience through keen insight and precise execution."

Colin Rhodes, CEO - Neugo


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