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The Digital Transformation Journey of Soho House

We worked alongside Soho House to revamp their membership mobile app, enhancing core features, and adopting modernised architectures to streamline the member experience.


Soho House, originally located at 40 Greek Street, Soho, London, has since evolved into a global network of clubs, hotels, and venues. Renamed Soho House & Co in 2015, it continues to uphold its reputation as a premium offering for its members.


The challenge lay in transforming the Soho House app into a digital membership platform. This task involved updating the legacy codebase and developing digital versions of traditionally in-person services, ensuring members could access these services conveniently via the app.

Soho house


We created a new app that not only incorporated key features from the original Soho House app, but also modernized the codebase using Swift and SwiftUI. This transition facilitated the digitization of in-person services, streamlining service delivery and enhancing the user experience within the Soho House ecosystem.


The refined digital membership app encompassed upgraded features and a modernized codebase from the original Soho House app. While the full launch of the digital membership app was postponed, the enhanced features and improved codebase were integrated into the main Soho House app, offering an upgraded user experience.

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