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Wanted TV's Journey Towards Personalised Entertainment

We collaborated with Wanted TV to craft an innovative, feature-rich app that personalises entertainment and captivates a growing audience


As the go-to platform for film and TV enthusiasts, Wanted TV serves as a personalized compass to navigate the broad spectrum of streaming options. Their app brings tailored selections of movies and TV shows to users' fingertips, thanks to a blend of innovative algorithms, user preferences, and friends' recommendations.


Faced with an endless sea of content across various streaming platforms, users often find it difficult to commit to watching something. Wanted TV provides a game-changing solution, delivering recommendations that match users' tastes, social circles, and moods, simplifying their entertainment experience.



Our team developed a stylish, user-focused mobile app for the 16-24 demographic. The app delivers personalised recommendations using TikTok-style full-screen displays and takes cues from friends' watching history and likes, bringing a fun and engaging entertainment experience.


We designed an advanced app that uses AI and algorithms to surpass typical recommendations, delivering personalised and highly relevant suggestions. Additionally, we created an informative website showcasing the app's features, and used strategic marketing on the website and TikTok to build Wanted TV's brand presence, amassing 25K followers and generating strong user engagement.

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