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A Seamless Transition to Modern Mobile App Advertising

In partnership with BBC News, we navigated the complexities of upgrading their mobile app's advertising packages, achieving a smooth transition that maintained constant ad delivery and enhanced the user experience for their global audience.


BBC News is a renowned international, English-language pay television channel, owned by BBC Global News Ltd. and operated by the BBC News division of the BBC. It serves millions of viewers worldwide.


The mobile app's advertising packages, primarily written in Objective-C, needed a comprehensive rewrite. The primary challenge was to maintain uninterrupted 24/7 ad delivery during the upgrade process, crucial for avoiding financial losses given the app's global user base of millions.

Revvo BBC Case study


We mitigated potential upgrade issues by increasing test coverage to ensure all potential gaps were addressed. Additionally, we modernized the Objective-C codebase to Swift and updated all third-party advertising packages within the mobile app.


The mobile app now boasts a modernized codebase, broadened test coverage, and updated advertising packages, translating into enhanced functionality and user experience. Furthermore, we established effective collaboration with the UK team, leading to efficient app development and maintenance.

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